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Top 16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam

So after months of deliberating, you've finally decided to visit Amsterdam and you've bought your ticket and are ready to pack you bags. But then you remember you really don't know the city and you have no idea where to visit apart from the red light district and the coffee shops.

Seriously though, you shouldn’t visit the red-light district to start with. Some of the women you see there are forced to work as prostitutes and a huge chunk of whatever they make doesn’t even go to them.

If you really want to enjoy Amsterdam, there are lots of places to visit but I’ll try to keep it simple for you. Don’t forget to buy an I AMSTERDAM CARD. It gets you a lot of tourist discounts while you’re in the city. Also visit the GVB Office at the front of the Central Station and buy yourself a 24 hour public transportation ticket. You can also buy more than 24 hours depending on how long you intend to stay in Amsterdam. This saves you a lot of money as you will need to use the tram (A LOT!) if you really want to discover the city.

Here is a list of really nice places you can visit -:

  1. Madame Tussaud - No! It’s not the same with the one you have in whatever city you come from!

  2. Body Worlds - truly wonderful and educating experience. It will open your eyes to how wonderful the human body is. I bet you could learn a thing or two about your body.

  3. Gassan Diamonds - old Dutch diamond factory. You’d come out of this tour a diamond expert. LOL.

  4. Amsterdam Dungeon - like they say; “Fear is a funny thing.”

  5. Vondel Park - this is a nice place to have a picnic especially during the summer. It is usually filled with people just lying on the grass and relaxing.

  6. Dam Square - right in front of the Royal Palace.

  7. Anne Frank House

  8. Heineken Experience - trust me, you’d love this if you’re a beer lover or a fan of the Heineken brand.

  9. Rijksmuseum

  10. Van Gogh museum

  11. Artis - if you’re into zoos and that kinda stuff

  12. Royal Palace of Amsterdam - the Dutch royal family does not live here but they come there to receive people on special occasions. The king also gives a speech from the balcony of the palace on King’s Day (which by the way is on the 27th of this month). Don’t miss it!

  13. Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt-square)

  14. Albert Cuyp market - if you’re into antiques and flea markets and all that stuff.

  15. Leidseplein - this is a popular place for tourists and it’s also a nice place to go iceskating during the winter. If you come in the summer, it’s a beehive of activities. That’s where some of Amsterdam’s best nightclubs and restaurants are located.

It's also amazing to take a tour of the Amsterdam canals on a boat. It's best to do that with the Lovers Canal Cruise.

My next blog will be on the best possible ways to go sightseeing in Amsterdam.


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