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A Poem on Life

What is the meaning of life?

On every quiet night, my mind sways into deep thinking.

And each time, I ask:

Of what purpose are the living

Is it to be born, to grow old and eventually die

Be buried in the earth or burnt to ashes and be scattered to every wind nearby.

Why live at all if you can't live forever,

And why does life's realities suddenly hit you as you grow older,

They never come to you as a child or teenager,

But suddenly barges in years later.

The world is a very small place,

And life as we all know it is very short.

There are many things the human race will never understand,

And I think they never will

The more they waste the little time they've got.

I'd rather spend a day understanding 'Life,'

Than spend a lifetime in a fool's paradise.

Where you walk in the wilderness of ignorance,

And never drink from the fountain of the wise.

Time and again, men have asked the same question,

Why do we as humans live?

And yet the four corners of the earth have no answers,

And I’m sure they will never have any to give.

Then men turned to religion for solutions,

Only to come up with nothing but more questions.

It's confusing, the concepts of faith,

And how the different beliefs of men fuels nothing but hate.

It seems to me that men make their own lives.

Where each day is a race that comes in miles.

Every human is an architect of his own destiny,

To choose a familiar path and set out on the rough journey.

Where fortune is good and misfortune is bad.

And everyone runs from you when life hits you hard.

Do what you must do today,

For tomorrow comes quick and will never stay.

Life is uncertain and unfair to some,

And is only heartbreaking when the worst is yet to come.

What does it pay to gather wealth I won't spend forever?

Vanities that I'll leave behind and the wrong hands might squander.

I can only lead an easy and cheerful life,

And be satisfied with what little I may have.

For contentment I hear is cheap,

And peace of mind cannot be bought with gold in heaps.

Because there is only one life to live,

And it is wise that you make good of every minute that life gives.

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