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Mother Nature


A Poem on Mother Nature

In the winter it snows,

And in the summer the hot winds blow.

Every seasons will come and go,

But Mother Nature's hold never ceases to show.

Her grip on human kind is warm and tight,

Like mid-summer’s first morning sunlight.

She stays watching as a mother hen watches her chicks.

Her true currency measured in time that ticks

Men will come and go and days will come and pass

Yet she smiles as human tricks to cheat her fail and collapse.

Her heart, white and pure as wool,

And from age, she can never be fooled.

Her trees give us fruits and her earth grows our food,

While she bathes us with the rain and dries us with the sun.

And sometimes she wonders why we cause her pain,

When earth is carelessly destroyed by everyone.

We cut down trees and hunt game for fun.

Yet on nature’s chain our position remains undone.

We are to consume for sustenance.

Not make extinct what mother nature once gave us in abundance.

All she wants is a world where all animals will roam free,

The forests intact and green,

And all living species will be far from extinct.

A world where Mother Nature can watch over all,

And shower all of us with her unconditional and never dying love.

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