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10 Popular Clubs/Events Centers in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Nightclubs

When it comes to nightlife and the possibilities of merriment and partying, Amsterdam is a thriving center filled with fun parties. There is always something for everyone with DJs playing everything from techno, dub step and trance to hip-hop, funk and deep house. The possibilities are endless. It doesn't matter what you're looking for, be it Latin dancehalls and parties or African and Caribbean indoor and outdoor events, you don't really need to look hard, some of the parties and festivities come to you. There are also salsa nights at different event centers where party seekers show up in typical Caribbean costumes and put their dancing skills on display.

A lot of Clubs in Amsterdam have come and gone but a few of them have survived the test of time and the evolution of clubbing and music in Amsterdam. This article sheds light on some of the fun places to be if in search of a nightclub or a lively events center in Amsterdam.

De School:

Located in the West of Amsterdam, this is a school turned nightclub. It is a place where young people can come to party, network and fulfil their dreams of gaining acclaim as upcoming artists. It also has a concert venue, a restaurant, a café, an exhibition space and a gym. It has a 24-hour license and is open seven days a week.

For more info on De School, feel free to visit their website: De School


Famous for its live music and theatre, Sugarfactory is a nightclub where every kind of party - big and small take place. They host both local and international DJs and can also be a platform for both local and upcoming artists to showcase their talents. Sugarfactory has a reputation for being a multi-purpose event center where lots of upcoming artists get their first gigs and party seekers enjoy the wild clubbing nights that the center hosts.

Check out their website for more information: Sugarfactory


Strategically located in the heart of the city on the Rembrandtplein, Escape is one of Amsterdam's and the Netherland's most popular clubs. It has hosted DJs like Tiësto, David Guetta amongst others. The club covers every kind of music style including; house, electro, techno and pop.

For more information on the club and their upcoming event, check out their website: Escape

Jimmy Woo:

Not many clubs in Amsterdam can attract high profile characters and celebrities like Jimmy Woo can. With its Asian identity and a very beautiful interior, the club is known to host some of the best and wildest parties. Jimmy Woo has a reputation for being very exclusive and it must be understood that not everyone can get in.

For more information of upcoming events and table reservations, vist their official website: Jimmy Woo

Melkweg (The Milky Way):

Home to a cafe, a cinema and a theater with a variety of live performances and also known as being the breeding ground for lots of upcoming names in the music world and the venue where more established artists come to perform, Melkweg is more than just an entertainment venue. It is where artist of different kinds come to showcase their skills with its display of art exhibitions and film productions.

For more information on Melkweg and tickets for upcoming events, visit their website: Melkweg


A former gas works factory, this entertainment hub in the west of Amsterdam is known for being 'where it all happens.' It is home to a host of bars, a theater, restaurants and a spacious park where art exhibitions, outdoor culinary events and clubbing takes place. Westergasfabriek is a place where people come to work, attend cultural events and network.

For more information on upcoming events, please visit their website: Westergasfabriek


Den of the wild club nights, colourful concerts and lively collaborations, OT301 is a multi-storied, graffiti-covered building that houses a club, a small underground dance room, a gallery space, a vegan restaurant and a cinema. Their programme includes concerts, dance and every other kind of performance known to man. Apart from hiring out space to artists and performers, they also offer art exhibits, workshops and film screenings. In short, OT301 is a fabulous place to be for creative minds and those seeking to enjoy the works of these creative minds. It's the perfect meeting point for 'party organisers' and 'party seekers.'

For more information, visit their website: OT301

Club NYX:

This is a three-floor venue with a reputation for being a bit more free than other nightclubs in Amsterdam. It’s actually a gay club that also welcomes straight people. On Thursday nights, Club NYX hosts a party for everyone and there’s also a regular night, called Vogue, where there are ballroom parties and everyone puts on wigs, dresses and enjoy a night of dancing.

For more information, visit their website: Club NYX

De Trut:

De Trut is a non-commercial gay club in Amsterdam that opened up in 1985. It’s only open on Sundays, from 10pm-3am, held in a former squat that is now a foundation: everyone works there voluntarily and all the money from the club goes to LGBT-related projects. The venue is actually a basement, but is very colourful and lively. De Trut has built up a reputation as a Club that places more value on having a great time, a wonderful atmosphere for volunteers and customers alike, good music and affordable products and services than making profit. It's a lovely place to be if you're a gay person and their contribution to the gay community is something to be proud of. For more information, visit their website: De Trut

AIR Amsterdam:

Located in the bustling and lively Rembrandtplein, one of Amsterdam's nightlife hubs, Club AIR is happening nightclub that caters to lovers of house and dance. Founded on the same spot where De iT nightclub used to be located, AIR Amsterdam is a buzzing center for both underground and more commercial DJs, including Laidback Luke, TCHAMI, Pete Tong, Hardwell, Tiësto and Skrillex. The club is also known for being the venue of the popular Dutch lecture TV program, Universiteit van Nederland. Dutch professors from all over the country come to the venue to give lectures on different topics. For more information, please check their website: Air Amsterdam

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