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New Years Eve Celebrations and Party Possibilities in Amsterdam.

New Year's Eve in Amsterdam

New Year’s Eve still remains one of the most anticipated times of the year. A time when people put pen to paper with the intention of writing down their New Year’s resolutions, discuss new beginnings, celebrate the year that’s passed and eagerly look forward to the one that is to come! Amsterdam provides everyone with a lot of options for celebrations and parties ushering in the New Year.

It doesn't matter whether you're a "chronic" outgoing party lover or a hopeless romantic hoping to spend New Year's eve with a loved one in some classy and romantic restaurant, young or old, on a tight budget or with a fat wallet, Amsterdam remains one of the best cities in Europe to usher in the New Year. If you decide to spend your New Year's eve in Amsterdam, you definitely won't be disappointed and your New Year's eve will be one you'd never forget.

Main Event:

The city of Amsterdam hosts her very own official New Year's Eve party at the Oosterdock. The party takes place around the VOC ship right next to the Amsterdam Maritime Museum and the Nemo Science Museum. It's an outdoor event so if you're going to attend, don't forget to wear warm clothes because it's definitely going to be cold time of the year.


A lot of tourists gather every year at the Amsterdam Dam Square, Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein and Nieuwmarkt. Nieuwmarkt is one of the most popular spots for fireworks enthousiasts. The Skinny Bridge is also another place to be for a spectacular view of Amsterdam's beautiful fireworks.

Dutch New Year Traditions:

"Oliebollen" and "Champagne."

Champagne remains the most popular drink on New Years Eve while oliebollen are the traditional New Year's delicacy. Many families have their own special recipe, handed down from generation to generation. Families can be seen frying or baking their oliebollen on the 30th or 31st of December. They can also be found at stands across the city and on every major train station or square. Be sure to buy as many as possible if you don't intend to bake yours as they can be quite difficult to find/buy on New Year's day.


Every club in Amsterdam organises their own New Year's Eve party and it is important to note that the closer we get to New Year's Eve the more expensive tickets become. So don't forget to purchase your tickets months in advance as this not only guarantees you entrance into the party but also some discounts.

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