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A Dozen Dutch Foods To Try While in Amsterdam


Lots of tourists think that when it comes to food in Amsterdam, all there is to find is cheese or fries with mayonnaise/ketchup. A closer look actually reveals that the city has a lot more to offer. Both typically Dutch foods and culinary delights influenced by cultures like the Indonesian and Surinamese can be seen and enjoyed in Amsterdam.

Discover a dozen of these foods you should definitely try while in Amsterdam.

1. Speculaas (Spéculoos)


These are cookies baked dutch style. Thin and crunchy and usually filled with caramel, they are baked for immediate consumption or just during the feast of St. Nicholas. There is a German and Belgian version but while in Amsterdam, make sure to ask for the Dutch version. It isn't just the best, it is also a 'dream' for all cookie monsters out there.

2. Patatje Oorlog

Patatje oorlog

'Oorlog' translated to English means war. So what does war have to do with fries? Well, this is called 'pataje oorlog' because with this kind of fries, anything goes on top. It is a very popular fast food in Amsterdam and other parts of the Netherlands made up of a bed of French fries topped with mayonnaise and (peanut) saté sauce. A lot of people love their fries separate from their ketchup or mayonnaise but with pataje oorlog, anything goes and it is no surprise that both visitors and residents of Amsterdam love it.

3. Frikandel (Frikadel)


Frikandel (or frikandel) Special is a long and fried sausage (kind of minced-meat hot dog) mostly served with raw onions, curry ketchup and mayonnaise. This snack can be found almost everywhere in Amsterdam and in most cases, served with Dutch flags.

4. Tompouce


So here's a challenge: try to eat Dutch Tompouce without making a huge mess or soling your hands and clothes with whipped cream and leave a comment under this article if you succeed. This two-layered pastry with cream filling remains one of the most loved pastries in the Netherlands. It is usually decorated with pink and/or white frosting and is the perfect food for those with a sweet tooth. Don't forget to ask for some extra whipped cream when placing an order.

5. Herring

Dutch Herring

If you love eating dishes that have raw fish in them, you'd definitely love this this one. Dutch herring is soused raw fish with a strong smell and a surprising good taste. While some tourists might find it strange to eat raw fish that has nothing to do with sushi, herring is a very popular food in the Netherlands and can be found in almost every fish stand in Amsterdam. It is traditionally served with raw onions and the best way to eat it is to grab it by the tail and then lower it vertically into your mouth.

6. Kroket (Croquette)


What is a kroket?

Well, let's find out.

McKroketTypical Dutch krokets (kroketten) are made of meat ragout covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried until crispy. This is such a popular fast food in the Netherlands that McDonalds had to create a burger called the . The broodje kroket, a soft white bun with a deep fried kroket and mustard is one you should definitely try. Some fast food joints even have machines that dispense them so you don't have to stand in line for yours.

7. Stroopwafel


What's there to be found when two layers of baked dough have been joined together with a caramel-like syrup in the middle? I say goodness!!

This wonderful snack can be found in every grocery store in Amsterdam and can be enjoyed with a bottle of juice or a glass of beer. There are also some stroopwafel stands at markets like Albert Cuypmarkt and Dappermarkt.

8. Bitterballen


Bitterballen (Bitter balls) are typical Dutch snacks consisting of a mixture of beef, beef broth, butter, flour for thickening, parsley, salt and pepper, resulting in a thick roux. They are usually eaten with mustard and is best enjoyed with a glass of beer.

9. Roti (Surinamese Style)

Surinamese Roti

Roti is a roll of flat bread made from wholemeal flour. It is usually served with hot curry, potatoes and yard beans and is one of the most popular takeout meals in the Netherlands. They can be ordered in any Surinamese or Indian restaurant in Amsterdam and are sometimes served with extra sambal sauce - a spicy paste made from crushed chilli peppers.

10. Rijsttafel (Indonesian Style)


A visit to Amsterdam isn't complete without a visit to a typical Indonesian restaurant. Rijsttafel (which translates to 'Rice Table' in English) is a large meal served mainly at Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam that features numerous small sides like egg rolls, pickles, satays and cooked vegetables alongside a variety of rice based dishes. It's always an amazing experience to enjoy this meal with friends and family.

11. Poffertjes


Poffertjes are little fluffy pancakes. They are a mixture of buckwheat and flour and yeast is also used for a more fluffier texture. They are sold in stalls on the streets, where you can also see them being prepared in a special poffertjes pan. Ask for some butter to go with yours and don't forget to sprinkle some powdered sugar and enjoy!

12. Kibbeling


This is another typical Dutch food for fish lovers. Hard and crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside. Kibbeling is made by taking pieces of white fish, coating them in batter and frying them till they're golden brown. It's usually served with sauce and can be enjoyed with either a glass of wine, beer or soft drinks. Try it hot and fresh from a street market or food truck for the best experience.

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