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Best Bars in Amsterdam

Best Bars in Amsterdam

Best Bars in Amsterdam

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is one city that is filled with bars. There are bars everywhere you can almost find them in every street corner. It doesn't really matter what you're looking for, whether it's a cold refreshing beer on a hot summer day or a nice glass of wine or an exciting cocktail or just shots to keep you warm during winter, the possibilities are endless. Finding a bar isn't the problem, it's making a choice that is. Here on this blog, we take a look at some of Amsterdam's best bars and what makes them special.

Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam

Best Cocktailbars in Amsterdam

What is it about bars that attract you?

Is the cosiness of the pub or the way the bartender shakes the cocktails in his mixer? Is it the music, the food or just the interior and feel of the bar?

In Amsterdam you can have it all. On a summer day, settle down on one of the many terraces, enjoy a drink, watch the movement on the streets and let the world pass you by. Or maybe you can find a bar in a five star hotel and try to imagine yourself traveling and enjoying the luxury. And who knows, you can introduce yourself as Bond ("James Bond"), ask for your martini - "shaken, not stirred" and take a seat at the fireplace like a real life M.

This week, we will be taking a look at some of the best cocktail bars in Amsterdam.

NJOY Amsterdam

NJOY Amsterdam

This is one of Amsterdam's most hip and classy cocktail bars. I have to admit that after my first visit, till this very day, the interiors take my breath away! I always feel like a "Bond Villain" when I'm there and after a few cocktails, I decide I'd rather just "drink cocktails" than draw plans for world domination.

Located in the Leidseplein area of Amsterdam, NJOY has created a huge selection of delicious drinks with the best alcohol, fresh fruit, juices and homemade syrups. Whether you go for 'The Alchemist', 'The Trendsetter', 'The Sparkling Star', 'The Accomplice' or 'The Dreamer'; the professional bartenders never disappoint you. They are always ready to answer your questions and help you find that drink you're looking for. Beverage tastings and cocktail workshops are also available on request.

You can visit NJOY at Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 93, 1017 PX Amsterdam.

Tales and Spirits

Tales and Spirits Amsterdam

Tales and Spirits is like a "confluence" where amazing drinks meet with delicious food to create an unforgettable expereince. In an intimate setting at the Lijnbaanssteeg, Tales & Spirit shake tasty cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere. What amazes me every time is the glassware - it's so unique and vintage and I just like it. The House Specials include, the "What If", "Fallen Lady" and "The Professor."

Signature cocktails for you to try are the; 'El Tango', 'La Muerta', 'No Siesta... No Fiesta' and the 'Bartender's Ketchup.'

Visit Tales and Spirits at Lijnbaanssteeg 5-71012 TE Amsterdam.

House Bar

House bar Amsterdam

House Bar is just a tale of 'Historic on the inside, modern on the outside.' It is a place where the best (local) ingredients, exceptional cocktails and refined rebellion meet. Modern interpretations of classic cocktails, put together by seasoned bartenders. Where liquor lovers come to stay late, sip some "cheeky new inventions" and enjoy the atmosphere in a bar that is the perfect mixture of the past and the present.

Visit House Bar at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 5, 1012 RC Amsterdam.

Website: House Bar

Bar Oldendof

Bar Oldenhof Amsterdam

Stepping into Bar Oldenhof always feels like going back in time (with a glass of malt whiskey in hand of course!). This old-fashioned cozy bar in the heart of Amsterdam is furnished with leather armchairs, lots of wood and a fireplace. Enjoy the fantastic malt whiskeys, fine wines, traditional beer and classic cocktails, with a relaxed jazz music in the background.

You can visit Bar Oldenhof at Elandsgracht 84, 1016 TZ Amsterdam.

Website: Bar Oldenhof

A Bar

A Bar Amsterdam

Welcome to A Bar, where the comfortable seats, the warm light and the refined drinks on the menu, makes it one of the most attractive cocktail bars in Amsterdam. A Bar is a cocktail bar where you can enjoy drinks inspired by the eight districts in Amsterdam - from Amsterdamse Poort to the Floradorp and Red Light District, the cocktails are all passionately prepared and poured by professional bartenders.

Visit A Bar at Professor Tulpplein 11018 GX Amsterdam.

Website: A Bar

Freddy's Bar

Freddy's Bar Amsterdam

This is another bar that makes me feel like James Bond or one of his elegant and stylish nemesis. A true gentleman's bar where some of Amsterdam's crème de la crème come to enjoy life, mingle and catch up on what's new.

Located in the Hotel L'Europe, and named after Mr. Freddy Heineken, the popular beer brewer, Freddy's Bar is truly one of Amsterdam's most elegant and stylish bars. It is also strategically located on the Amstel with a unique view of the Munttoren and in the bustling city centre. It is where you go for the best cocktails, quality beer and a recreational cigar for the gentleman at heart. The service is always wonderful and a piano can be heard in the background as guests relax with drinks in hand. In such a chic bar, appropriate clothing is always advised.

Visit Freddy's Bar at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-14, 1012 AC Amsterdam.

Website: Freddy's Bar

The Walter Woodbury Bar

The Walter Woodbury Bar Amsterdam

Located in Amsterdam Oost, Walter Woodbury is where you go to enjoy the Ladyboy, the Sour Monkey, the Gin with Balls and the Star in a Jar. There is also lunch, dinner and even snacks. Customers also watch football as they enjoy their meals and cocktails. Watch a Dutch "Klassiker" - Ajax vs Feyenoord as you enjoy a Denver Steak and a Jupiler or Hertog Jan beer.

Visit The Walter Woodbury Bar at Javastraat 42, 1094 HJ Amsterdam.

Vesper Bar

Vespar Bar Amsterdam

It's safe to say that Vesper Bar is where some of Amsterdam's best cocktails are made. The bar is named after Bond girl, Vesper, and is also one of Amsterdam's best and most innovative avenues for award-winning cocktails poured by some of the best bartenders in the mixology game. The menu includes a wide selection of wines, beers and cocktails. The setting is casual, ideal for drinks after work or for small groups looking for that weekend groove. Vesper also organises cocktail workshops where you learn the intricacies of cocktail making.

You can visit Vesper Bar at Vinkenstraat 57, 1013 JM Amsterdam.

Website: Vesper Bar

SkyLounge Double Tree by Hilton

SkyLounge Double Tree by Hilton

Double Tree by Hilton's SkyLounge is where both young and old come to relax and enjoy some of the best signature cocktails and delicious snacks in Amsterdam. The perfect venue for business meetings, Friday grooving and or just a place to blow off some steam with colleague. Located on the top floor of the Double Tree by Hilton hotel, you have Amsterdam literally at your feet, as you enjoy the beautiful view in the SkyLounge while sipping, nibbling and chatting away. The options are endless as there are soft drinks, beers, cocktails, snacks, food, wine and champagnes on the menu. It is also a certified wedding location as guests are encouraged to celebrate the most important day of their lives on a high.

Visit SkyLounge at Oosterdoksstraat 4, 1011 DK Amsterdam.

Twenty Third Bar

Twenty Third Bar - Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Bar 23 or Twenty Third Bar is an international cocktail bar known for exceptional cocktails and also for getting its name from its location: the 23rd floor of Hotel Okura Amsterdam. A classy bar with a beautiful view of Amsterdam and known for attracting liquor lovers of all ages and backgrounds. You can choose from a wide selection of cocktails and champagnes, some of which are also served by the glass. Snacks and food are provided by the Ciel Bleu restaurant.

Visit Twenty Third Bar at Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, 1072 LH Amsterdam.

Pulitzer's Bar

Pulitzer's Bar Amsterdam

Pulitzer's bar is a timeless classic from a bygone age. The kind of place where the glasses weigh a little heavier and the armchairs feel like an embrace from your best friend. Sip a classic cocktail or simply a good drink while you gaze across the canals.

Discover Amsterdam's history through the menu at this wonderful hotel bar and experience what it feels like to be mesmerised by genius mixology that tells a contemporary tale of cocktail history. Try some of their signature classic cocktails and realise how you'd want nothing more but to have them everyday.

Visit Pulitzer's Bar at Keizersgracht 234, 1016 DZ Amsterdam.

Website: Pulitzer Bar

Please note that alcohol is for adults only. Drink responsibly.

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