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Best Mexican Restaurants in Amsterdam

Best Mexican Restaurants in Amsterdam

Best Mexican Restaurants in Amsterdam

I've always loved Mexico. A land filled with wonderful people, delicious food and of course, tasty cocktails. If you are a lover of Mexican food (like I am), fear not, because Amsterdam does not disappoint. From authentic Mexican dishes to Tex-Mex, there is a wide range of (new and old) restaurants in Amsterdam, where you can taste the best of Latin-American cuisine. This blog takes a look at some of my favourites. Buen Provecho!

Los Pilones

Los Pilones

With restaurants like this one in Amsterdam, you definitely do not have to travel far for authentic Mexican food. With four locations in the Amsterdam, you can always go to Los Pilones for delicious tacos or enchiladas. Founded by three Mexican brothers, they serve real Mexican flavours, spectacular cocktails and also lesser-known dishes such as the Yucátan-styled barbecued pork "Cochinita Pibil." Don't forget to try the Pollo Cesar and the Pepito. For a wonderful Mexican breakfast, visit the branch in the Kerkstraat.

Visit Los Pilones at Kerkstraat 59/63, 1017 GC Amsterdam.

Website: Los Pilones


Tomatillo Amsterdam

Burrito fans can indulge themselves at Tomatillo! With this Tex-Mex (Tex-Mex is a mix of Mexican and American flavours), you will find the typical dishes that are found in the southwest of America. Burritos with rice, beans, salsa and cheese or spicy fajitas and tostadas: are all delivered to your doorstep. Make sure you try the Burrito Wild Alaskan Salmon - a flour tortilla stuffed with lime-garlic rice, vegetarian black beans, grilled wild Alaskan salmon, organic cheese and a salsa of your choice.

You can visit Tomatillo at Overtoom 261, 1054 HW Amsterdam.

Website: Tomatillo

Taqueria Tacobar

Taqueria Tacobar

Taqueria Tacobar is one of the best tacobars in Amsterdam and you'd be defintely doing yourself a huge solid by joining their taco movement. It's the perfect place to go for tacos with different types of fillings (from meat to fish and vegetarian) and homemade salsa. Tacos are served with homemade salsas, cabbage and chipotle cream. Enjoy a Margarita or Tequila when you're done with your food.

You can visit Taqueria Tacobar at Tweede Helmersstraat 26, 1054 CJ Amsterdam. Website: Taqueria Tacobar

Salsa Shop

Salsa Shop Amsterdam

I really have no idea how to stay away from any Salsa Shop branch when I see one. It's my favourite Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam and if ever I'm lost, please note that a Salsa Shop is definitely where you'd find me. Due to the popularity of this restaurant in the Netherlands, it has rapidly multiplied and is also a lot of other people's favourite take-away Mexican spot. The burritos here are freshly made and stuffed with ingredients that you can choose yourself. In addition to burritos, you can also buy tacos and salads, all with desired fillings (with extra guacamole). There's beef, there's chicken and there's pork. And please don't get me started on the Jarritos - the mango flavour is my favourite and I'm never satisfied with one bottle or two.

Now excuse me folks, I have to rush off to a Salsa Shop.

You can visit Salsa Shop's Amsterdam Central station branch at Stationsplein 43L, 1012 AB Amsterdam.

Website: Salsa Shop

Calle Ocho

Calle Ocho Amsterdam

Named after the main street in small Havana in Miami, Calle Ocho offers a wonderful mix of Latin American cuisine. Besides tacos and fresh salsas, the chefs also make different kinds of dishes from South and Central America. That means a diverse range of products, from the Ceviche to Jamaican Chicken and Cuban Croquettes. The cocktail menu is extensive, including the Pornstar Magarita and the Escobar cocktail which is a myth by now.

You can visit Calle Ocho at Albert Cuypstraat 226, 1073 BM Amsterdam.

Website: Calle Ocho

Rose's Cantina

Rose's Cantina Amsterdam

As one of the trendiest Mexican restaurants and cocktail bars in Amsterdam, Rose's Cantina has been serving Latin American dishes to both Amsterdam locals and tourists for thirty years. This is where you'd find some Tex-Mex oriented dishes like Taco Abuelita, Mendoza (minced beef with egg, olives and spices), El Pollito, Chuleton and Arroz de Campo (stir fried rice, chorizo, raisins and beans). There's also a bar in the restaurant with a wide range of cocktails and - of course - Tequila. Enjoy!

You can visit Rose's Cantina at Regulierstdwaarsstraat 38, 1017 BM Amsterdam.

Chiapas Taco Cartel

Chiapas Taco Cartel

Let me start by saying that Chiapas Taco Cartel is just "Taco Heaven" here on earth. Inspired by street food from Chiapas, the Southernmost region of Mexico, Chiapas Taco Cartel is just as casual as the food they serve. Take a taco with you To-Go or have it delivered to your doorstep or you can just snack on the spot. At Taco Cartel, the goal is to serve good food that may not be authentically Mexican but still delicious and one of the best. The menu consists of Tacos, Burritos, Rice and Beans dishes, Snacks and assorted Desserts. Don't forget to try the Al Pastor - marinated pork, the Baja Skiffa Bay and the Taco Special.

You can visit Chiapas Taco Cartel at Van Woutstraat 29H, 1074 AB Amsterdam.

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