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Nature and Parks in Amsterdam

There's nothing like finding a wonderful and serene park to chill out after a long day. The hustle and bustle of the city of #Amsterdam can get to her inhabitants sometimes and relaxation spots are needed as nature has a way of working her magic when it comes to stress. #Amsterdam has dozens of great parks, perfect for games, picnics and relaxation. The perfect places to lay back and let all the stress go.

Here on this blog, we discover some of the best nature parks in #Amsterdam.

Oosterpark #Amsterdam

Located in the Eastern part of #Amsterdam, an area that is one of the most culturally diverse in the entire city, Oosterpark features several monuments and numerous sculptures. The National Monument of Slavery (Nationaal Monument Slavernijverleden) designed by Erwin Jules de Vries, a Surinamese born artist, commemorates the abolition of slavery in the Netherlands. Visitors have many options when they are in Oosterpark; there is a large pond with birds, a pool where children can paddle and food stalls. The park is clean, has a lot of big trees and open spaces and is the ideal place for picnics. The park can be reached by tram lines 3, 7 and/or 9.

Frankendael Park #Amsterdam

Situated in the eastern part of #Amsterdam, Frankendael Park is a wonderful work of nature. It is home to two historical gardens – the Style and the Landscape gardens. Perfect place for those who love tranquility. There is a lovely food market once every month.

Rembrandtpark #Amsterdam

If you're a real picnic lover, you're going to love this park. Situated in the east of #Amsterdam, Rembrandtpark is one of the most beautiful parks in the city of #Amsterdam. Dedicated to the artist Rembrandt, several statues of him can be found around the park - ideal place for photographers and visitors who love taking pictures. There are walking and biking paths for those who enjoy going for a run or a walk or even a bike ride in the mornings.

Amsterdamse Bos #Amsterdam

More of a forest than a park, Amsterdamse Bos (#Amsterdam forest in English) isn't just big, it is also a really wonderful park for relaxing, taking (romantic) walks, horseback riding, canoeing, swimming, bicycle riding, picnicking. There are many facilities in the park created for sports and leisure. It has several large water areas – a long artificial rowing lake, a number of swimming pools, some of them small - ideal for children and multiple sports facilities. The most popular attraction is De Heuvel (The Hill) - an artificial mountain with one slope let free for all kinds of winter sports.

Sarphatipark #Amsterdam

Situated in the 'Pijp' area of #Amsterdam, Sarphatipark is always full of tourists and locals looking to enjoy the green scenery. There are many bars and restaurants located around the park, making it the perfect place to chill and chat with family and friends. A lot of dog walkers can alwas be seen in the park along with people paying sports and just sitting on the grass fields during the summer months. It is also close to the Albert Cuyp market and this is something tourists as well as locals seem to love.

Vondelpark #Amsterdam

This is #Amsterdam's most famous park. Vondelpark welcomes about 10 million visitors every year. The park is centrally located south of Leidseplein and near Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum and both visitors and locals love to go there in the summer to enjoy the good weather. There are several cafes sprawled around that serve really great food. From June to September the Vondelpark Open Air Theater puts on free events, such as concerts and shows.

Beatrixpark #Amsterdam

Created in the years 1936-1938 by Jakoba Mulder, the Beatrixpark boasts of a varieties of trees and plants planted during the 1972 period. Situated in #Amsterdam Zuid, Beatrixpark is a local park that has a reputation for always being nice, clean and quiet - perfect place for picnics and quiet meditations by people who enjoy serenity. There are small pavilions standing in the park which happen to be leftovers from the Floriade exhibition in 1972. During the summer months there are many locals (and tourists) who come to take walks and enjoy some ice cream that's being sold in the park as a means to quench the heat.

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