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Top 15 Indonesian Restaurants In Amsterdam.

Indonesian food in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is that multicultural city that just keeps attracting you if you're a chronic foodie. It is like a beautiful collection of different kinds of cuisines from different parts of the world. From Mexican, Argentinian, Thai to Italian, Chinese, Japanese and even Nigerian cuisines, the average Amsterdam resident is spoilt for choice. For all Asian cuisine lovers and "food samplers" visiting Amsterdam, there is no need to worry. Indonesian cuisine is well represented in our wonderful city. Are you craving some saté or Indian rijsttafel (rice table) in combination with a refreshing Bintang beer? Fret not! Amsterdam's got you covered! It doesn't really matter what you want, whether it's just food to-go, eat in the restaurant or home deliveries, the possibility is endless.

Check out some of Amsterdam's most popular and tastiest Indonesian restaurants!

1. Restaurant Blauw:

Restaurant Blauw is where you go for that delicious Indonesian rice table in a modern setting. Located in Oud-Zuid, this Indonesian restaurant is famous for their rice table and they give you an authentic taste of Indonesia.

Check them out at Amstelveenseweg 158-160, 1075 XN Amsterdam.

2. Indrapura:

"Rijst tafel" is a very popular concept in the Netherlands and lots of Indonesian restaurants are constantly trying to outdo each other in that area. Indrapura is one of such restaurants. Located on the Rembrandtplein, they have emerged as one of the best in the Indian rice table game. Pay them a visit and enjoy some delicious Indonesian food.

Rembrandtplein 40-44, 1017 CV Amsterdam.

3. Mama Makan:

Visit Mama Makan for a true taste of Indonesia. Start with kropoek and other tasty dishes on their menu and then work your way up from there. Don't forget to try some of their cocktails or Javanese tea!

Tip: ask to sit at the bar with a view of the Chef. Make sure you order a cocktail and a Javanese cup of coffee!

Spinozastraat 61, 1012 WX Amsterdam.

4. Sampurna:

Located in a building that is more than 400 years, Sampurna has served nothing but tasty Indonesian dishes and drinks for more than 25 years. They even have vegetarian dishes and vegetarian rice table. Don't forget to order a rice table if with friends and family.

Singel 498, 1017 AX Amsterdam.

5. Long Pura:

This Indonesian restaurant is located on the Rozengracht and is open 7 days a week. Long Pura is the perfect place for traditional Indonesian dishes, exactly as they are prepared in Indonesian homes. Nothing like a family recipe!

Rozengracht 46-48, 1016 ND Amsterdam.

6. Tashi Deleg:

Tashi Deleg is both a Tibetan and Indonesian restaurant! Tibetan food is usually a little less spicy, so if you happen not to like spicy food, order a Tibetan dish instead of their spicy Indonesian delicacies.

Utrechtsestraat 65, 1017 VJ Amsterdam.

7. Toki Manis:

For some tasty Indonesian takeaway, Toko Manis is where you go to. Their Indonesian chef cooks up some of the most delicious dishes and is known to attract a lot of tourists who want some takeaway while touring the city.

Eerste Goudsbloemdwarsstraat 3, 1015 JV Amsterdam.

8. Toko Kok Kita:

Toko Kok Kita is the pride of Oud-Zuid and if you visit that part of town very often, you'd probably have tasted their delicious food. The food is delicious and definitely worth a try! Try their food and discover the true taste of Indonesia.

Amstelveenseweg 166, 1075XN Amsterdam.

9. Made's Warung:

Coming all the way from Bali, Indonesia to open a branch in Amsterdam, Made's Warung's is where you enjoy well-prepared and tasty Indonesian cuisine.

Cornelis Krusemanstraat 3, 1075 NB Amsterdam.

10. Warung Atika:

This nice Indonesian takeaway spot isn't planning on disappointing you! They serve nothing but authentic Indonesian dishes. Oh, and if you're going to pay them a visit, make sure you like spicy!

Van Woustraat 232, 1073 NC Amsterdam.

11. Tempo Doeloe:

Tempo Doeloe on the Utrechtsestraat is where you discover the true taste of Indonesia. Pay them a visit for some traditional and delicious rice table.

Utrechtsestraat 75, 1017 VJ Amsterdam.

12. Sari Citra:

Looking for a good takeaway spot? Then you've found Sari Citra. Located in the Pijp and home to some of the tastiest dishes in Amsterdam, Sari Citra is loved by both locals and tourists.

Ferdinand Bolstraat 52bg, 1072 LL Amsterdam.

13. Sama Sebo:

P.C Hooft is where you find Sama Sebo. This is another restaurant that is also popular for its delicious rice table and other authentic Indonesian dishes. Make sure you reserve a table because it is always busy here!

Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 27, 1071 BL Amsterdam.

14. Betawi:

For some mind-blowing Indonesian food, you really need to find your way to Betawi. They also do home deliveries if you don't want to eat in the restaurant.

Admiraal de Ruijterweg 337, 1055 LZ Amsterdam.

15. Kantjil & De Tijger:

This is one of Amsterdam's oldest Indonesian restaurants. Kantjil & De Tijger has been in Amsterdam for more than 25 years and is still very much loved by tourists and locals alike. One of the loveliest things about this restaurant is how you can put your own rice table together. Imagine an opportunity to have all your favourite dishes on your table! Isn't that great?

Spuistraat 291-293, 1012 VS Amsterdam.

For more on Asian restaurants in Amsterdam, check out this link.

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