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What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For Chuka Nwanazia, it is beejonson. Since he got started as a blogger back in 2010, he has found such a sense of fulfilment in writing and sharing his work with people.


Chuka enjoys writing about his passions, his interests, what interests others and sharing it with the world. His dream is to get people to read more, to be creative with words and to find their 'inner writer' each day with a short poem, a short story or just the description of an event that means a lot to them. With each passing day, beejonson gains more followers, and with that, even more success. Feel free to send an email or share your story with Chuka.


Chuka Nwanazia is a student, poet, professional blogger and freelance writer who lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He blogs and writes content for a lot of popular websites in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Born January 8th, Chuka is very passionate about tourism, spirituality, philosophy, poetry, history, old books and book fairs, travelling, meeting new people and discovering different cultures from all over the world.


Beejonson Web Content Writers is where words become stories. A website with the goal of writing quality content for businesses out there and sharing the beauties of creative writing with the world. Creative writing in form of short stories, poems, blogs on different topics etc.


While Chuka enjoys sharing his passion for creative writing on this blog, he also seeks to offer writing services in different forms. Product descriptions, professional blogging, quality SEO-friendly web contents and social media management, all at affordable rates.


Articles (and blogs) can cover different topics.

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