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Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

Whether you are looking for an expensive restaurant with a romantic vibe or a cosy eatery in your area and whether you just want to grab a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner, foodies are in the right place in Amsterdam. There is a restaurant catering to everyone's taste, needs and occasion.

Restaurants in Amsterdam

Restaurants offer delicious food in Amsterdam, from Indonesian, Tapas, Dim-Sum, Japanese to typical Dutch delicacies. Whether it's burgers and fries, steak, noodles, sushi or the local Dutch Stampot, visitors are always spoiled for choice as picking a restaurant to eat can sometimes be a difficult decision. Isn't that fun?

This week, our focus is going to be on hamburgers and the joints that sell them. We will be taking a look at some of the best hamburger joints in Amsterdam.

Best Burger Joints in Amsterdam

Best Hamburgers Restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the perfect place for a juicy quality burger. Not only do you find different kinds of burger bars, many restaurants also have tasty wines and beers on their menu.

Rotisserie Amsterdam

Rotisserie Amsterdam

With two branches, one in Amsterdam east and another in west, Rotisserie's specialty is the grilled chicken but their burgers also deserve equal attention. Try the Royale with Cheese and the Double Dirty and I'm very sure you'll instantly become a fan. Take a seat at the bar and see how your burger is prepared right in front of you. Nicely wrapped to-go in a piece of paper or served on a plate. Rotisserie is according to many locals the best burger bar in town.

You can find them on the Clercqstraat 81, 1053 AG Amsterdam.

Burgermeester Bar Amsterdam

Burgermeester Amsterdam

At Burgermeester, you're definitely going to be spoiled for choice. The options are many and the burgers are all delicious. Try the Beef Royale, the Classic Lamb or their famous Burger of the month. There are a couple of mini versions of your burger and that can also be ordered for €4,25. They also have a burger of the month competition where every customer/fan is allowed to submit an idea for a burger and the winner is invited to bring three friends to come and eat their burger - free of charge.

You can visit Burgermeester at Albert Cuypstraat 48, 1072 CV Amsterdam.

Cannibale Royale

Cannibale Royale Amsterdam

A hip bar for carnivores and lovers of meat, good beers and quality wine. With four locations scattered all over Amsterdam, Cannibale Royale has built up quite a reputation as the place to be for true and hardcore carnivores. Their menus are divided into lunch and dinner with dessert.

Make sure you try the Le Burger du Moment and the Le Magnifique or the Cannibale Royale Burger with sauerkraut, pulled pork and Bourbon-flavoured barbecue sauce. Don't forget to order a cocktail or one of their exotic beers with your burger. It tastes extra nice. I would comment on the restaurant's theme and/or interior but I'd prefer you found out yourself. I'm always very excited whenever I'm going to Cannibale Royale because it is my favourite restaurant in Amsterdam. You should really check it out!

You can visit them at Handboogstraat 17a, 1012 XM Amsterdam.

Ter Marsch & Co.

Ter Marsch & Co. Amsterdam

Welcome to one of the homes of really delicious and sustainable burgers, with tasty side dishes and homemade sauces. Try their 'De Burgeresse' burger which is famous for winning the best hamburger in the Netherlands in 2015 and the Hot & Smokey Scottish Angus Beef or Farmhouse Chicken (depending on which one you like). All their burgers are served medium rare and can be ordered with salad side dish, pastries and dessert.

You can visit them at Vijzelstraat 4, 1017 HK Amsterdam

Smokin' Barrels

Smokin' Barrels Amsterdam

Smokin' Barrels is a very popular burger bar amongst Amsterdam locals and even tourists who frequent the city. With a wonderful interior and a very simple concept: hip cocktails and delicious burgers and beer. There is steak, lobster, salad, ribs and dessert. Try the Smokin' Barrels Burger and the Ari Gold Beef Burger. Or just try the best of both worlds; a burger with lobster and salad (because we always have to eat our veggies, right?). The Oreo Cheesecake dessert is a must try though, for those lovers of 'well prepared' dessert.

You can visit the Smokin' Barrels at Beukenplein 22, 1091 KH Amsterdam.

Burger Bar Amsterdam

Burgerbar Amsterdam

Here, the burgers are prepared according to individual requests with fresh herbs and home-made sauces. Burger Bar has a reputation for using the freshest natural ingredients and beef that is minced in-house on a daily basis. Make sure you try the Irish Burger - the pure, full flavour 100% prime and tender Irish beef. There's also the Angus Burger and the Portobello for the vegetarians who are also interested in burger culture.

You can visit the Burger Bar at Warmoesstraat 21, 1012 HT Amsterdam.

The Butcher

The Butcher Amsterdam

With five locations in Amsterdam and others in Ibiza and Berlin, The Butcher Burger Bar has attained legendary status in Amsterdam with burgers prepared on the spot and made with the freshest products. The chef who is committed to only making the best burger with the best Aberdeen Angus Beef around, also uses the freshest herbs and vegetables to create the perfect burger. Be sure to try the Butcher Burger - made from the best Aberdeen Angus Beef, veggies, herbs and the Butcher sauce. There is also the Daddy, the Cowboy and the Benedict, all prepared with prime Aberdeen Angus Beef.

You can visit the Butcher at Albert Cuypstraat 129, 1072 CS Amsterdam.

Bar Frits

Bar Frits Amsterdam

Their fries are among some of the best in the city. The burgers are well stacked and they come with good beers and other non-alcoholic drinks (Fritz Cola). There is also a burger of the month special and customers are always asking for this every time they come in. There is a Pub Quiz every Tuesday and the winner wins free drinks.

You can find Bar Frits at Jan Evertsenstraat 135, 1057 BV Amsterdam.

Thrill Grill Amsterdam

Thrill Grill Amsterdam

Star chef Robert Kranenborg's love for burger and environmentally friendly food led him to founding the Thrill Grill. Tender meat from grazing Dutch dairy cows, melted cheese, cabbage, bacon from Brandt & Levie and a strictly secret sauce, all organic and healthy. In addition to beef, they also serve salmon, chicken, pulled pork, falafel and even hotdog burgers, all locally sourced and additive-free. Try the Classic Beef Thriller, the Peruvian Beef Thriller and the Purist - all made with 100% natural beef.

You can visit the Thrill Grill at Gerard Doustraat 98, 1072 VX Amsterdam.

Geflipt Amsterdam

Geflipt Amsterdam

Geflipt is where delicious burgers combine with ice cold beers and a good cup of coffee to make customers feel like they are in heaven. Choose from five juicy burgers: Blue with blue cheese, Kiplekker with a Mexican chicken, Fiery with a pepper, the Las Vega for vegetarians and Vurig with Gasconne beef, home-made spicy chutney, golden cheddar, Madame Jeanette spicy pepper and Jalapenos. Located within walking distance of the Albert Cuyp market, Geflipt boasts of home-made sauces, quality burgers and local beers.

You can visit Geflipt at Van Woutstraat 15, 1074 AA Amsterdam.

Special thanks to Franklin Heijnen.

Dear Franklin, this young blogger owes you a lot. Your pictures on Flickr have been much more than helpful.

I am truly grateful!

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