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Terms and Conditions



The following terms and conditions are effective as of August 6, 2017. These terms and conditions are meant to provide a blueprint for a professional relationship between Beejonson Web Content Writers and all of our valued clients.

Beejonson is an original web content creator, dedicated to the creation of content in the form of blogs, product descriptions, web pages and in any other form to our various clients. We offer a guarantee that all the content purchased by our clients is 100% original and up to Google’s SEO standards. Exceptions to this may include some legal, policy or technical phrasing that may need an exact sequence in order to be accurate. Under these circumstances, Beejonson will inform the client before the work is submitted for approval.

Orders for content will be placed by the client by sending an email to The official 'start time' does not begin when the order is received, but on the date and time when Beejonson can confirm that the directions and instructions provided are clear enough to start working on a project. If Beejonson needs a more detailed explanation of your project, an attempt will be made to contact you in order to get the correct information and/or clear directions in a timely fashion.

If you wish to cancel your the order, this must be done within fourteen (14) days of placing it. We will at this point refund your money minus the 15% service fee barring that no work has begun on the project.

At no time will an order be started until the correct payment has been received by Beejonson.

As a part of placing your order with Beejonson, we ask that you send an email detailing the type of content you require. We will strive to meet your instructions to the best of our ability and will attempt to contact you in case we do not fully understand your order.

The word count is an estimate only, and will not be delivered upon as an exact amount. The word count is meant as a guide for the writer who will strive to stay within fifty (50) words of your desired word count, either plus or minus. If that cannot be met, we will inform you of the outcome with an explanation as to why, and wait for further instruction(s) from you. If it happens that the word count does fall below your desired amount, there will be no price adjustments for the content. Conversely, if the content provided you exceeds your desired word count, Beejonson will not charge an extra fee.

Once your requested content has been completed, it will be submitted to you for review. You then have three (3) days to inform us of any changes or alterations needed. If we do not hear from you within that time frame, Beejonson will assume that you are fully satisfied with the content. Only in the event of circumstances outside of your control will Beejonson acknowledge your need for changes or revisions once the three (3) day review period has ended.

Beejonson allows for unlimited revisions of your content within reason. If we believe that our revision policy is being abused by a client, we will discontinue our business relationship without notice. A revision is defined as correcting grammatical errors, structure issues and making minor adjustments to content. This revision policy does not in any way obligate us to completely rewrite content unless a gross error has been made on our part. If we do make an error that requires a rewrite, it will be submitted as quickly as deemed reasonable by Beejonson.

Beejonson will send you an invoice once an agreement over a project has been reached and will inform you immediately if payment is needed in order to begin your order. If the payment is not made within seven (7) days of the client receiving a notification, Beejonson will make the assumption that you no longer are interested in having the content written and cancel the request along with any project details.

Beejonson reserves the right to change our pricing schedule and package details for professional blog/content packages at our discretion, and at any time, without written notice to you.


If you have any further questions, please send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.


Thank you for your cooperation.


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