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Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one city where you can always feel at home as a vegan. Not just because people love vegan food but because a lot of Dutch business owners (in the restaurant business) try to be as organic as possible while also serving dishes that are animal free. One of the best things about the city is that you can find a vegan restaurant on almost every street corner. Whether you are a dedicated vegan or someone who just enjoys a vegan meal every once in a while, here are some of the finest vegan restaurants in Amsterdam for you.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam

This is one hell of a burger bar. The Vegan Junk Food Bar can be found at two locations: in Oud-West (a small burgerbar) and in De Pijp (a restaurant) where they have a reputation for serving a variety of mouthwatering plant based comfort food. In the restaurant at De Pijp, you get to taste some delicious Seaweed Nuggets, Bitterballen and Golden Crunchy Dutch Weed Bites. There's also Sweet Potato Fries, Notorious Sumo Burger and a Pink Oreo Cupcake. The service is nice and the place is often packed, which is no surprise at all.

You can visit Vegan Junk Food Bar at Staringplein 22, 1054 VL Amsterdam.

Mr. & Mrs. Watson

Mr. & Mrs. Watson Amsterdam

Welcome to one of Amsterdam's most popular locations for vegan lovers and cheese addicts, Mr. & Mrs. Watson. This is a restaurant where food is prepared with love, compassion for animals and also respect for mother nature. The menu includes Sloppy BBQ Sandwich, a pulled jack fruit on bbq sauce on a rosemary-sea salt-bun, with chilli mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes and fries. Try the selection of home-made vegan cheeses and cheesecakes with caramel and white chocolate.

Visit Mr. & Mrs. Watson at Linnaeuskade 3h, 1098 BC Amsterdam.

The Dutch Weed Burger Joint

The Dutch Weed Burger Joint Amsterdam

Trust me when I say this isn't what you think it is! The Dutch Weed Burger Joint is actually one of Amsterdam's best vegan burger joints. Try the Dutch Weed Dog, Wish 'n Chips and of course The Dutch Weed Burger itself, which is one of the healthiest burgers in the world with seaweed as a tasty seasoning!

You can visit The Dutch Weed Burger Joint at Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47, 1053 RJ Amsterdam.

Meatless District

Meatless District Amsterdam

Welcome to The Meatless District, where the menu is completely free of animal products. Dishes are homemade, organic and always freshly made. For as low as € 15 or more, you can have a main course, such as the Meatless District burger with grilled eggplant, farmer's fries and egg free mayo.

Visit the Meatless District at Bilderdijkstraat 65-67, 1053 KM Amsterdam.

Mastino V

Mastino V Amsterdam

Mastino V is the first gluten-free and vegan pizzeria in the Netherlands. Located in Oud-West, Mastino V serves delicious pizzas according to a traditional Italian recipe with homemade vegan cheeses like mozzarella and parmesan. Try the Fancy Brie Pizza: vegan cheese, onions, Rucola, vegan Brie, garlic and pepper. You can also order out if you don't want to eat in.

You can visit Mastino V at Bilderdijkstraat 192 H, 1053 LE Amsterdam.

Website: Mastino V

Spirit Amsterdam

Spirit Amsterdam

Everything in this organic buffet restaurant is 100% vegetarian and the vegan options are endless. There is Caesar Salad, Sushi, Quinoa & Paprika Salad, Lasagna and Tofu Black Pepper on the menu - and do not forget to leave some space for a vegan chocolate mousse or apple pie with whipped cream.

You can visit at Czaar Peterstraat 2a, 1018 PR Amsterdam.


Dophert Amsterdam

Located in the heart of the Spaarndammerbuurt, Dophert is a trendy and cozy eatery with all sorts of vegan delicacies. Enjoy some of the most delicious breakfast dishes: sandwich with vegan cheese, Tofu scramble, Pancakes & Honeycomb and the Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl. Their lunch and dinner is also worth a try: Quinoa and Bean Burger for lunch and a Spicy Chorizo Sandwich for dinner. Do not leave without tasting some of their desserts. "Delicious" is the word, I tell you! They also make some really nice cakes, from Peanut Butter-Brownie Cake to Red Velvet Cake.

You can visit DopHert at Spaarndammerstraat 491013ST Amsterdam.

Website: Dophert


Mooshka Amsterdam

Mooshka is a newcomer in Amsterdam's De Pijp area and is the perfect location for tasty and healthy dishes, all at affordable prices. On the menu are multicultural meals that are fresh and mostly organic. These meals are also free from unnatural and unpleasant substances such as hormones, chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides. Enjoy delicious home-made food like fried rice with vegetables and fried plantains, Caribbean Burgers, Brown and White Beans served with red beets and Quinoa, Ethiopian pancake (Injera) with lentil stew, Roti with potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and green beans or snacks like fries, popcorn and the popular Dutch favourite, "Biterballen."

Make sure you taste the Oreo cake or Carrot cake when you're done.

You can visit Mooshka at Hemonystraat 66H, 1074 BT Amsterdam.

Website: Mooshka

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