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Amsterdam's New Underground Bicycle Parking Spaces

Amsterdam Central Station Bicycle Parking

Amsterdam Central station currently has around 10,000 temporary bicycle parking spaces. From now until 2030, six new parking facilities will be built around the station. Construction on an indoor north-west bicycle garage already started in December of 2018. The new bicycle garage is going to accommodate 1,300 bicycles. Immediately thereafter, the existing bicycle parking facility opposite the IBIS hotel will be given an extra floor in order to accommodate more bikes.

A research by the municipality shows that Amsterdam residents have an insufficient number of parking spaces at almost all locations. Bicycle usage has increased by almost half since 1990, and this development is expected to continue. The main reasons for the rise in bicycle use are; car parking in Amsterdam is becoming more expensive, more elderly people and students are cycling. Students most especially since cycling is a cheap mode of transportation and is also a form of exercise.

For this and many more reasons, the municipality has decided that a new parking facility will eventually be built opposite the IBIS hotel and is going to house more than 4,000 bikes. A storage facility for 7,000 bicycles will be installed underwater at the Prins Hendrikplantsoen. Construction has already started and will be completed in 2021. There will also be two floating parking facilities on the IJ-side, each with 2,000 places.

Ongoing construction work on the new underground bicycle park at the Amsterdam Central Station

Although, the construction date is not yet known. There will eventually be 5,000 places on the East side of the station in three construction phases. The construction of the parking spaces falls under the plans of the municipality to renew the station island, called project "De Entree". There will be more water, more space for pedestrians and bicycles and two tram stops will also be renewed. The road between Damrak and Martelaarsgracht will become totally car-free.

An underground bicycle parking facility is also being built at Leidseplein to meet increasing demand for bicycle parking space in that busy part of the city. This year 3,000 extra parking spaces will be built under Gustav Mahlerplein at Amsterdam Station Zuid.

The Construction

Ongoing construction work on the new underground bicycle park at the Amsterdam Central Station

The Central Station area and Prins Hendrikkade will be completely renovated in the coming years. The construction of the underground bicycle parking space just across the street from the Victoria hotel has already started. The bicycle shed will have roller tracks leading underwater. The current site of construction was chosen because it is convenient for most cyclists who are just arriving in Amsterdam via the Central Station. Amsterdam residents also do not like parking their bikes far away from the central station because it's close to the metros, trams and buses, and any other option for parking would only result in more 'wild parking'.

The Idea Behind the Underground Bicycle Parking

Cyclists can easily reach the parking facility nine meters below the street surface via roller tracks. This depth is necessary to keep the water in the harbour basin deep enough for commercial tour boats and pleasure sailors during the busy summer boating season. The bicycle parking space will be a shed with 3 floors below Stationsplein for 12,500 bicycles, the largest in the city! Construction of the entrance is currently underway. The city intends to widen the water between the station and the quay. Part of the Prins Hendrikplantsoen is being excavated for this reason and as a result, the station island partly regains its island appearance. Robust materials are to be used for the entrance and the inside will be lit and spacious with lots of glass. The entrance will be at Martelaarsgracht - the end of the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. There will also be a direct entrance to the metros from the garage.

Bicycle Parking Places

Bicycle Parking in the Amsterdam Central Station vicinity

A total of 21,500 bicycle parking places will come together in this area when all the construction is done. Cyclists coming from all sides of the station will find parking convenient, quicker and easier. With the redesign, an important area of the historic city will be given new allure.

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