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Top 10 Spots To Watch World Cup 2018 in Amsterdam!

Bars to watch the 2018 World Cup in Amsterdam

The 2018 World Cup is well under way in Russia, with a lot of games already played. Even though the Netherlands isn't taking part this time and despite lots of Dutch people being a bit nonchalant about the tournament, it's always fun having a few drinks in a pub with friends while watching World Cup matches on a sunny day.

For those extroverts who definitely don't want to watch the matches alone at home, here are a few bars where you can enjoy some drinks and all the excitement that comes with the game of football.

1. Westergasterrace:

While the folks at Westergasterrace show mostly Belgium matches, it still remains a wonderful spot to watch the World Cup matches and enjoy some drinks. There is a large screen, Belgian beers and of course, Belgian fries to make sure you have a swell time.

2. The Foodhallen:

The Foodhallen is where you go to enjoy some of Amsterdam's best and most delicious street foods. During football tournaments, they turn the space into a football fan's paradise. Visit the Foodhallen for some tasty dishes, cold beers and some exciting football matches.

3. Roest:

Roest is definitely broadcasting all the World Cup matches and there are also drinks to go with them. You can also sit outside on their picnic tables if you're not really into football.

4. Le Patron:

Le Patron will be showing all World Cup 2018 matches with a bit more focus on the Moroccan team. Order some drinks, flat bread with hummus and just enjoy watching your football matches. You also get a cup of mint tea on the house!

5. Tapmarin:

It's always busy at Tapmarin so make sure you show up on time. Follow all the matches while enjoying some cold drinks.

6. Piet de Gruyter:

Here they broadcast all the 2018 World Cup matches in style. Enjoy the tournament with some tasty Moscow Mule and Beef Stroganoff. Piet de Gruyter is where you'd find the Netherlands' biggest Matroesjka.

7. Plan B:

Plan B boasts of eight large screens, a great bar, dart boards and 13 full-size pool tables, making them the best place to follow all World Cup matches. There’s also an occasional pub quiz and a luxury smoking room for smokers.

8. Satellite Sportcafé:

Satellite Sportscafé is an easy choice when it comes to watching football matches in a bar because of its great vibe. They have strong focus on sports and there's also unlimited ribs (at night). They have a schedule on their website so check it out to know which matches they will be showing.

9. Coco's Outback:

The large screens & 26 tv‘s in the pub aren't the only reasons why people frequent Coco's Outback. They also have a lot of great deals on ribs and drinks. There's nothing like watching football with some spareribs and tasty cocktails during happy hours. You can watch your game from a comfortable leather couch or while chilling at the bar. Don't forget to check the sports agenda on their website to see what matches they'll be showing.

10. Belushi's:

Belushi's is where you watch your World Cup matches in style. They serve some badass burgers, tasty snacks, delicious beers and a large range of spirits. Don't forget to book seats before heading there.

Tip: They also have branches in London, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and Edinburgh among other places in the UK.

To find out more on the fun terraces to chill in Amsterdam this summer (some of them also show the World Cup matches), click here.

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